{random poetry #113}

Love is metaphysical gravity.


but evolution is apparently intent
that life in Universe
must survive.


[ Untitled Epic Poem on the History of Industrialization ]

And so Industrialization grew
as the mutual mechanical scientific extension,
comprising precision controls
of energy and time.

And by Industrialization
and its mechanical extension
you and I are both
mutually and at the same time
New York,
Grand Coulee Dam,
The T.V.A., the Washington
The New York Central,
and the Santa Fe,
Route U.S.A 1, from Maine to Key West,
the stratosphere liners, -
they are our mutual
all-age, all-sex,
flesh and blood extensions.
They are us
we are they
and those who destroy them
or falsely employ them
are our enemies
and the enemy of our God
of the quick, -
they who destroy
are the proponents
of friction, freezing,
inertia and death.


I'm not trying to counsel any of you to do anything really special except dare to think. 
And to dare to go with the truth
And to dare to really love completely.

Fuller, B. (1895-1983)


For Fuller, the stuff of poetry is the patterns of human behaviour and the environment, 
and the interacting hierarchies of physics and design and industry.
Applewhite, M. (1931-1997), in Cosmic Fishing