“We are more often frightened than hurt; 
and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”

não sei se sou eu que tenho humor negro, ou se é a vida que é sarcástica.

everything was in waters cod... (ficou tudo em águas de bacalhau...)
i'm already passin myself! (já me estou a passar!)

calma, como o mar em dias de tempestade.

"the word 'Hurricane' is the name given to nature's strongest storm.
a hurricane occurs when high pressure
and low pressure masses of air come in contact with one another.

there is often a significant difference in temperature between the two masses.
one mass is warm, while the other is cold.
the warmer air rises, and the cooler air falls.
likewise, the low pressure area slides down the sides of the high pressure area.

they swirl in and around one another, creating the beginnings of the storm."


if it makes you feel better, be an asshole, you wouldn't be the first to make that life choice...

“like the trains, she's never on time and always departing
sympathy from strangers can be ruinous.” 
Atwood, M. in The Blind Assassin

{ less stress, more focus }

strawberry tea & techno

did you know that....

                                       kids who like 'Unconventional Music'
                                       are more likely to become delinquent (says the theatlantic.com)?

...so give your children mainstream...
in order to save the well-behaved, close minds and modern slave citizens.

um dia de chuva é tão belo como um dia de sol.
ambos existem; cada um como é.
Fernando Pessoa

wish you all a sweet sunday!

what is behind that curtain?

we are failing

loucos, entre a azáfama da rotina e embriagados de tarefas e objectivos sem propósito algum.
perdidos nos labirintos da esquizofrenia das linhas de montagem de matadouros tecnocráticos.
sozinhos nas burocracias de sentimentos e ideologias moldadas por mecanismos falsos e manipulados.
indiferentes à dormência mental que anestesia o prazer e a vontade.

“whatever is on my mind, 
i say it as I feel it, 
i’m truthful to myself; 
i’m young and I’m old, 
i’ve been bought and i’ve been sold, so many times. 
i am hard-faced, i am gone. 
i am just like you.”

no one said life would be easy. or fair. or meaningful. or Kardashian-free.
*by GOD

 (nunca pior...)

"the need to receive affection and the need to give it
does that sound soppy?
*Audrey Hepburn
from an April 1991 New York Times interview

*by Russ Mills

existential question #1
why the ones that you love most, are the ones that drag you down?

little girls cry,
big girls say fuck.

"o tempo perguntou ao tempo quanto tempo o tempo tem, 
o tempo respondeu ao tempo que o tempo tem tanto tempo quanto tempo, tempo tem."

"never touch anything with half of your heart. be present, endlessly loving and compassionate towards others. confront any challenging situation first with a deep breath. wander. remember that your own happiness and comfort comes above all things. before reacting - understand. eat breakfast every morning. find the faces in the flowers. remember what is important to you. treat your body kindly. be honest. get to know yourself. take things at your own pace. don’t feel embarrassed to feel, laugh, cry, sing or love. remember that what’s right for someone else may not be what is right for you (and that’s okay). never be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. do what you love. remember that you always have a choice. find joy in what life really is - living."
*source unknown