good coding goes to heaven;
bad coding goes everywhere.

*via i was to drunk to remember

“sit, be still, and listen,
because you're drunk
and we're at
the edge of the roof.”


"by using Excel, which was never designed for scientific research, they institutionalized mouse clicks and other untraceable actions into a scientific workflow, which must be avoided since it makes explaining to others (and to oneself) how to replicate the findings next to impossible and too easily introduces inadvertent mistakes."
Stodden, V.

that awkward moment when you start to dream with excel sheets

{random poetry #45}

*inspiration by carins

[ aconselho-vos o amor  ]

aconselho-vos o amor:
o equilíbrio dos contrários.
aconselho-vos o amor
cheio de força; os moinhos
girando ao vento desbridado.
aconselho-vos a liberdade 
do amor (que logo passa -
vão dizer-vos que não -
para os gestos diários).


Fernando Assis Pacheco in A Musa Irregular

"what's on your mind?"

                              fuck off FB, believe me you really don't wanna know...

{ because you, you mesmerize me }

“the road must eventually lead to the whole world.” 
Kerouac, J., in On the Road

“you guys are going somewhere or just going?” 
Kerouac, J. in On the Road

fotos by carins & mariejjanne